About Us

At Atelier Ajour, the one we value the most is YOU.

Portrait of goldsmith Stig GranlundBesides our passion for gold and jewels of course, for quality, environment and design - and for the genuine craft. Especially the genuine craft. We have been offering exclusive hand-made jewelry since 1947 - jewels that last for generations.

With hand-made jewels you create a unique look. We want to help you find the jewelry that tells your story. Or we create it together. Think tailored, or Bespoke. A dress, or suit, that is perfect just for you. Made from the most exclusive materials, in colors and fashions that highlight your best self. It's the same with jewelry. Your jewels should be specially suited for you, your preference and personality, your lifestyle.

So - who are you?

What does your everyday look like? What do you like? Do you love the brilliance of a diamond or are you tempted by the soft shimmer of the pearl? We want to know who you are - the one who is going to wear the jewels.

To design and forge jewelry is an exciting journey into the shimmering, magical world of precious metals and gems. We would love to talk to you about the genuine craft of the goldsmith. Perhaps you wonder what the difference is between white gold and platinum? Between a cultivated pearl and a natural pearl? And what the difference is between jewelry and gems? Ask - we will answer with pleasure.

Sustainability is honourable to us.

Hand-made jewelry with precious metals and gems will last for generations. At Atelier Ajour we use recycled gold and the gems come from trusted suppliers. We want to make sure that they are produced in a way that is both ethically and environmentally sustainable.

The art of Goldsmithing is a living tradition which has enhanced the life of man for thousands of years. Let us enhance yours.

Welcome to Atelier Ajour - your jeweler in Stockholm.

– Stig and Beatrice